Jenis Pest Control

Jeremy Jenis has been providing Residential and Commercial property services in the Clayton area since he was 14 years old. Jeremy formed Jenis Property Service LLC over ten years ago. About seven years ago he began focusing on Pest Control work by providing spider treatments before and after his 7 am-3 pm caretaking job on Round Island.

Word of mouth from satisfied customers caused a steady increase that Jeremy could not keep up with.  Over five years ago he hired Mike (the Spider Guy) to help him keep up with the increasing demand for spider treatments. Jeremy continues to meet and communicate with customers before and after his normal work day. Now the demand has Mike, Joe and Larry handling the majority of treatments for over 450 satisfied customers. Jeremy, Mike, and Larry are licensed Applicators, which is the highest level of certification in NYS. Jenis Property Service LLC is fully insured, licensed, inspected and registered with the NYS DEC. They only use the highest quality products. They give each home they spray the same attention to detail that they give to their own homes. They pride themselves on customer satisfaction. They rely on word of mouth as their best means of advertisement.

Jenis Pest Control is a small business and does not have a secretary, an office building, a fleet of trucks with payments, and other large expenses. Jeremy handles 90% of all new estimates and he tries very hard to meet with new customers when his schedule allows. He drives a School Bus for Thousand Islands CSD in addition to his caretaking job on Round Island.

Please call or text Jeremy for more information (315) 777-5130.

We don't want to be the biggest Pest Control company, we just want to be the BEST!